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  PARIS — Still hampered by an injured right ankle, Angelique Kerber lost in the first round of the French Open on Sunday as the clay-court major began with an upset.

  The fifth-seeded Kerber fell, 6-4, 6-2, to an 18-year-old Roland Garros beginner, Anastasia Potapova of Russia, on Philippe Chatrier court.

  Kerber’s preparations for Roland Garros, where she has never advanced past the quarterfinals, were hampered by the injury she sustained at the Madrid Open last month.

  “Of course this is not my excuse and everything,” Kerber said. “I tried my best. I know that there is still a little bit of work to do to be really playing matches 100 percent.”

  The 81st-ranked Potapova sealed the opening set with a crosscourt backhand winner and broke twice at the start of the second. Kerber saved two match points before shanking a forehand wide, sealing her fate.

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  “The clay season is over now for me,” said Kerber, who won the Australian Open and the United States Open in 2016 and Wimbledon in 2018. “Yeah, I’m happy about that, that I can now look forward to playing on grass.”

  Kerber’s match was the first in the largely rebuilt main stadium, a structure of concrete and glass that is expected to have a retractable roof in time for the 2020 French Open.

  Across the way, Garbiñe Muguruza, the 2016 champion, inaugurated the new 5,290-seat Simonne Mathieu court, which is surrounded by greenhouses displaying tropical plants, with a 5-7, 6-2, 6-2 victory over Taylor Townsend of the United States.

  But it was the next match on the new court that was more memorable.

  Nicolas Mahut of France seemed to thrive on the support from home fans, coming back from a two-sets-to-none deficit to defeat 16th-seeded Marco Cecchinato, 2-6, 6-7 (6), 6-4, 6-2, 6-4.

  “Being the first playing on it, winning in five sets, everybody will have forgotten that in a while,” Mahut said. “But I will keep it within me.”

  Cecchinato made a stunning run to the semifinals of last year’s French Open, which included an upset of Novak Djokovic.

  “I haven’t really digested the match yet, but it’s never nice to lose when you’re up two sets to none — and even more so after last year’s semifinal,” Cecchinato said.

  Cecchinato has now lost in the opening round in eight of the nine majors he has entered — with his performance in Paris a year ago the only exception.

  [Read about Roger Federer’s first match at the French Open in four years.]

  In 2018, Cecchinato entered ranked No. 72 and beat Djokovic in the quarterfinals before falling to the eventual runner-up Dominic Thiem in the semis.

  Cecchinato could not surprise anyone this year, entering with the No. 16 seed, but he deflected any thought that high expectations for a repeat performance had weighed him down.

  “More than the pressure, it was a lot of great memories,” he said. “I entered the court focused. He definitely raised his level, but I shouldn’t have lost this match.”

  He added: “I had three break points to go up 4-3 in the fifth, but I didn’t push hard enough and he produced three winners. Bravo. I didn’t take control of the match when it was there to be won. I’m very disappointed about that.”

  Mahut is a top doubles player but is ranked 253rd in singles. It was the 30th career singles win in a Grand Slam tournament for Mahut, 37, who hinted that it might have been one of his last.

  “I don’t know what to tell you, because if I say yes, it means that I’m ready to stop,” he said when asked if he was considering retirement. “If I say no, I won’t be totally honest with you.”

  Later in that same spot, Venus Williams, 38, a seven-time Grand Slam titlist and the 2002 runner-up in Paris, left in the first round at Roland Garros for the fourth time in the past seven years. She was broken in seven of her nine service games during a 6-3, 6-3 loss to No. 9 seed Elina Svitolina.



  今天晚上买马的开奖号码【于】【是】【李】【严】【在】【洛】【兰】【的】【帮】【助】【下】,【成】【功】【完】【成】【了】【前】【世】【歌】【曲】【的】【本】【土】【化】,【让】【洛】【兰】【大】【吃】【一】【惊】【李】【严】【的】【摇】【滚】【灵】【魂】【居】【然】【这】【么】【恐】【怖】。 【带】【着】【这】【些】【歌】【曲】,【李】【严】【前】【去】【参】【加】【了】【星】【能】【城】【好】【声】【音】,【让】【裁】【判】【也】【就】【是】【王】【二】【的】【大】【弟】【子】【大】【呼】【简】【直】【是】【触】【动】【心】【灵】【的】【节】【奏】,【只】【不】【过】【歌】【手】【似】【乎】【有】【些】【放】【不】【开】,【歌】【手】【的】【呐】【喊】【还】【不】【够】【深】【入】【灵】【魂】。 【最】【后】【王】【二】【的】【大】【弟】【子】,【还】【是】【让】【这】【位】

  【黄】【梵】【闻】【言】【大】【笑】:“【有】【又】【如】【何】【没】【有】【又】【如】【何】?【大】【战】【在】【即】,【眼】【前】【的】【形】【势】【是】【一】【往】【无】【前】,【冬】【天】【来】【临】【之】【前】【必】【须】【分】【出】【胜】【负】,【这】【个】【时】【候】【闹】【内】【部】【矛】【盾】【确】【实】【是】【不】【明】【智】【的】【选】【择】,【惊】【蛇】【意】【在】【震】【慑】【内】【鬼】,【稳】【住】【内】【部】,【等】【打】【完】【了】【再】【秋】【后】【算】【账】,【高】【明】。” 【李】【连】【城】【有】【些】【惊】【讶】【的】【模】【样】【看】【着】【黄】【梵】【道】:“【你】【小】【子】【可】【以】【啊】,【一】【段】【时】【日】【不】【见】,【已】【经】【有】【点】

  “【你】【的】【意】【思】【是】【你】【这】【件】【事】【情】【这】【辈】【子】【处】【理】【不】【完】,【你】【今】【生】【今】【世】【就】【没】【有】【成】【亲】【的】【打】【算】【了】?”【沈】【母】【气】【的】【喉】【咙】【里】【快】【能】【喷】【出】【火】【来】。 【沈】【赋】【态】【度】【诚】【恳】【认】【真】【回】【答】:“【那】【倒】【没】【有】。【遇】【上】【自】【己】【喜】【欢】【的】【还】【是】【要】【追】【求】【一】【下】【的】,【要】【是】【人】【家】【不】【喜】【欢】【我】,【我】【再】【考】【虑】【孤】【独】【终】【生】。” “【那】【今】【天】【正】【好】,【你】【二】【舅】【母】【给】【你】【挑】【了】【几】【个】【称】【心】【如】【意】【的】【小】【姐】,【你】【见】【过】【之】【后】【铁】【定】

  【军】【官】【带】【着】【楚】【君】【归】【走】【过】【通】【向】【地】【下】【的】【通】【道】,【推】【开】【了】【一】【个】【房】【间】【的】【门】。【里】【面】【是】【间】【咖】【啡】【房】,【朴】【素】【而】【简】【陋】,【头】【顶】【天】【花】【板】【的】【横】【梁】【以】【及】【支】【撑】【的】【柱】【子】【都】【布】【满】【了】【锈】【迹】,【满】【是】【工】【业】【时】【代】【末】【日】【的】【苍】【凉】。 【军】【官】【走】【到】【吧】【台】【前】,【在】【台】【子】【上】【敲】【了】【敲】,【说】:“【这】【个】【小】【伙】【子】【迷】【路】【了】,【给】【他】【准】【备】【一】【份】【吃】【的】,【来】【碗】【热】【汤】,【另】【外】【把】【我】【的】【那】【瓶】【酒】【给】【他】【来】【一】【杯】。【接】【下】【来】【整】

  【明】【星】【们】【在】【荧】【屏】【中】,【都】【是】【光】【鲜】【亮】【丽】、【赏】【心】【悦】【目】【的】【存】【在】。【实】【际】【生】【活】【中】,【很】【少】【人】【看】【过】【明】【星】【们】【的】【长】【相】,【所】【以】【在】【荧】【屏】【下】,【明】【星】【们】【到】【底】【算】【漂】【亮】【吗】?【而】【通】【过】【一】【些】【明】【星】【与】【路】【人】【的】【合】【影】,【我】【们】【还】【是】【能】【看】【出】【明】【星】【们】【确】【实】【都】【是】【天】【生】【丽】【质】,【长】【相】【标】【致】【的】。【图】【片】1【是】【刘】【诗】【诗】【和】【粉】【丝】【们】【的】【合】【影】,【刘】【诗】【诗】【个】【头】【长】【相】【都】【俱】【佳】。今天晚上买马的开奖号码【刘】【攀】【是】【带】【着】【叶】【清】【离】【开】【了】【咸】【城】,【他】【没】【有】【去】【百】【宝】【商】【会】,【也】【没】【留】【下】【什】【么】【信】【息】【让】【百】【宝】【商】【会】【的】【主】【事】【人】【传】【达】【给】【徐】【小】【湛】【或】【是】【刘】【狂】。 【如】【今】【是】【已】【经】【离】【开】,【那】【销】【声】【匿】【迹】【自】【是】【最】【好】。【再】【者】,【如】【今】【的】【百】【宝】【商】【会】【是】【受】【到】【火】【宗】【的】【庇】【护】,【在】【传】【递】【消】【息】【这】【块】【儿】【自】【然】【也】【就】【无】【法】【保】【证】【不】【会】【被】【火】【宗】【给】【截】【取】【到】。 【对】【于】【自】【己】【的】****,【刘】【攀】【目】【前】【是】【不】【想】【泄】【露】【丝】

  【傅】【子】【吟】【与】【施】【素】【年】【解】【决】【了】【这】【一】【大】【桩】【悬】【案】,【自】【然】【成】【为】【了】【功】【臣】。 【皇】【帝】【看】【傅】【子】【吟】【也】【更】【加】【顺】【眼】【了】,【巴】【不】【得】【现】【在】【就】【把】【皇】【位】【给】【他】【几】【成】。 【可】【是】【傅】【子】【吟】【并】【不】【想】。 【而】【施】【素】【年】【也】【怕】【傅】【子】【吟】【登】【基】【之】【后】,【那】【些】【大】【臣】【们】【催】【着】【他】【充】【盈】【后】【宫】。 【于】【是】,【为】【了】【让】【自】【己】【耳】【根】【子】【清】【静】,【他】【们】【又】【回】【到】【了】【听】【风】【楼】。 【施】【素】【年】【满】【意】【地】【看】【着】【听】【风】【楼】,【正】【在】【琢】

  【听】【了】【唐】【方】【的】【话】,【除】【了】【唐】【战】【外】【的】【众】【人】,【都】【陷】【入】【了】【沉】【默】。 【之】【前】【唐】【鹰】【带】【回】【九】【星】【冥】【蝎】【的】【消】【息】【后】,【唐】【家】【上】【下】【就】【下】【了】【决】【心】,【一】【定】【要】【击】【杀】【这】【只】【九】【星】【冥】【蝎】,【帮】【唐】【战】【突】【破】【到】【金】【丹】【期】。 【但】【是】【关】【于】【如】【何】【用】【这】【只】【九】【星】【冥】【蝎】【帮】【唐】【战】【突】【破】【到】【金】【丹】【期】,【众】【人】【起】【了】【不】【少】【争】【执】。 【唐】【战】【当】【年】【为】【求】【突】【破】【金】【丹】,【曾】【经】【去】【找】【过】【一】【次】【鬼】【医】,【请】【鬼】【医】【施】【展】【他】【独】【门】


  【将】【欠】【条】【给】【了】【张】【学】【海】【以】【后】,【莫】【凌】【也】【向】【张】【学】【海】【和】【村】【长】【告】【辞】【了】。 【张】【学】【海】【喊】【住】【莫】【凌】,“【都】【这】【么】【晚】【了】,【要】【不】【你】【去】【老】【师】【家】【里】【住】【一】【晚】【吧】?” 【莫】【凌】【摇】【了】【摇】【头】,【婉】【拒】【道】:“【不】【用】【了】,【谢】【谢】【张】【老】【师】,【我】【住】【的】【不】【远】,【很】【快】【就】【到】【了】。” 【不】【等】【张】【学】【海】【说】【话】,【莫】【凌】【就】【一】【溜】【烟】【跑】【出】【去】【了】。 【张】【学】【海】【摇】【了】【摇】【头】,“【这】【孩】【子】……” 【村】【里】【的】【夜】





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